Texim Bank

TEXIM BANK is the oldest operating private bank in Bulgaria, having been constituted in 1992 by more than 4,000 shareholders. Thanks to its long years of experience and rich history, the Bank is familiar with the requirements of the national market and offers modern banking services, combined with a wide and innovative product range aimed at excelling in the dynamic requirements of the market.

Texim bank participates or is an agent of the following payment systems and payment service providers:

  • Agent of EasyPay;

  • Bank Integrated System for Electronic Systems (BISERA and BISERA 7-EUR);

  • Bank Card Payment Organisation;

  • Accredited registration authority by Infonotary;

  • Trans-European Automated Real-time Gross settlement Express Transfer system (TARGET2);

  • Real-time INterbank Gross-settlement System (RINGS)

Working hours:


9am - 6pm